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I needed to generate graphics of some screenshots on the various devices it’s available on today, and had to hunt for the quickest way to do it.

Google made an awesome tool for Android, the Device Art Generator. No Photoshop needed.

Finding a tool to do this for iOS wasn’t so straightforward, but I eventually stumbled upon iPhone Screenshot Maker (which also does iPad and Mac screenshots). Again no Photoshop.

Finally, the ones for Chrome OS required some Photoshop work after I found a Google+ post with the PSD for the Chromebook Pixel.

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LunchTable (600 commits)

In-progress Android app (44 commits)
New Android app

I’m starting on a new templated-backend website project that I’ll be offering to artists in the near future. Why artists? That’s for another time.

Today, I’ve started laying down the foundation with:

  • A rudimentary general-purpose (scope: art) information architecture
  • HTML5 boilerplate
  • Seven months of professional work that has shown me better ways of doing things, and reaffirmed some ways I already do things

I couldn’t fall back asleep at 3am this morning after feeding the baby flying squirrel rescued from my backyard two days ago, so I’ve made some good progress before work today.

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