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On the last from-scratch CMS I built (for Radford University’s EMS), I utilized jWYSIWYG for the content editor. It was easy to implement, but had a few bugs (including with the content manager). Before that, I used TinyMCE and its MCFileManager to power Dean J. Baer‘s site, which both worked great, but the file manager required licensing fees. Currently I’m looking at these open source options:

The deciding factor here will mostly be how easy it is to add more robust media features.

I like the idea of on-the-page, limited section editing that Mercury provides, though I’m not a fan of the OS X aesthetic. And I also like what looks to be a simple, clean interface and backend for CLEditor. But this is all conjecture right now, so it’s time to dig in.

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I learned about LESS when I started working for the company I do now. And I can no longer live without it, if anything, for simple nesting of rules. The increased intuitiveness and readability you get from doing stylesheets this way is amazing. The Mixins are freakin’ great, too. Seriously, who wants to look up all the vendor-specific prefixes for all the latest CSS abilities every time?

As you might guess, I’ve switched gears to frontend development.

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